Naxos (/ˈnæksɒs, -soʊs/; Greek: Νάξος, pronounced [ˈnaksos]) 37°3′N 25°29′Ez
Naxos is a Greek island, the largest of Cyclades.
Our Chora.
Aegean blue, Cycladic light & Mediterranean breeze.
Where Zeus, the king of all gods, is raised (& homeland of god Dionysus). Portara, the Apollo Temple’s gate, island’s trademark, symbol of a blissful eisodus and exodus too.
Flora & Geomorphology
Fertile land with rich vegetation, great biodiversity and unique endemic species. The landscape is formed of alleys, mountains, beaches, headlands, springs & streams.
Architecture & Civilization
Neoclassical elements, the Kastro, Cycladic style whitewashed houses, Byzantine churches, narrow alleys, archways. A great cultural blend of Cycladic Figures, Pottery, Marble. Natives that believe in Philoxenia of every sea traveler.
“All this melted away and vanished in the Naxiot well-being”
N. Kazantzakis