About Us

Our Story

This story begins back in 1988. Located behind the historical Kallimarmaron, Mr. Tzivanidis’ Pharmacy, the oldest homeopathic pharmacy of Greece, is our first keystone. Its Homeopathy remedies along with the Phytotherapy products and Herbal cosmetics were intensely loved by the Athenians.


Nearly 30 years later, passionate about our Homeland, Naxos, we created The Naxos Apothecary, Athens flagship in the very center of Athens, next to Syntagma square. 


The Naxos Apothecary is a luxury natural fragrance and personal care brand that passes on and pushes forward the history, culture, heritage, and endemic flora of the Aegean Island of Naxos, a fertile land with lush vegetation, great biodiversity, and unique endemic species. Combined with scientific expertise in phytotherapy, this led to a sophisticated apothecary brand that proposes personalized herbal cosmetic remedies as well as soulful, storytelling fragrances and candles.

“ What abundance, what fruit-laden trees, what beatitude! ”

N. Kazantzakis